Dear Reader,

I humbly welcome you to my website! I am a thriller, science fiction, and epic fantasy novelist, and an avid fan of the genres. I have published 4 full-length novels to date and am currently working on the second installment of the Vanessa Stone Series, a dark psychological thriller called Skipping Stones. 


I have been a proud resident of Las Vegas, NV for over 20 years and reside with my husband, Nat, and our 3 precious kitties: Tiger, Baxter, and Ollie.

Writing is my passion. It allows me to express my creative side. I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoyed writing them. I love to craft realistic characters that people can emotionally connect to. I enjoy crafting stories that will stay with the reader long after the last page is read. 

My advice for anyone with a dream? Just make a start... I began with a blank screen...and then there were 4.

Contact me for advice about writing and/or marketing. Thank you for reading!

Julia Shupe