Barren Waters is a vision of the future, of a time when the oceans are empty tubs of stagnant water. It asks the question: when ocean life becomes extinct, how can humanity survive? And what if your child had a life-threatening illness? What unspeakable sacrifices would you be forced to make? How far would you go to keep your child alive?

How far will he go to keep her alive?

When the world comes to an end, foraging for food, water and shelter is difficult enough, but finding insulin is nearly impossible. Sometimes, in the name of love, people are capable of terrible things. Bike across the country with Jeremy Colt and his daughter, Sam. The clock is ticking. Can they make it to San Diego? Even if they can, will it save her?

WINNER! 2017 IPPY Award - Silver Medal National Winner, Best Science Fiction Novel of 2017

WINNER! NIEA Award -  Silver Medal Finalist, Best Science Fiction Novel, 2017

WINNER! San Francisco Green Book Festival, Best Science Fiction Novel, 2017

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WINNER! Hollywood Book Festival, Best Science Fiction Novel, 2017

HONORABLE MENTION! Paris Book Festival, General Fiction Book of the Year, 2017

A desperate father fighting for his child’s life

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