carved in stone

Can psychopaths be rehabilitated?

Meghan Newton is brutally attacked, her wounds distinctive and life-altering. Her attacker, Carlton Tubbs, is caught, tried, and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Nine years later, he is released on good behavior.

Are serial killers born or made?

Detective Vanessa Stone is chasing a killer of 18 women whose wounds bear the distinctive trademarks of the Meghan Newton case, over thirty years prior. She is hunting Carlton Tubbs, but it's been 30 years since his original crime and he’s dropped into obscurity. All she can do is delve into his past, speak to his victims and his prison psychologist, and follow the breadcrumbs that seem to be leading her to his troubled childhood. With 18 bodies and another woman missing, Vanessa is running out of time.

What if the ghosts in your head are real?

Carved in Stone is the story of Carlton Tubbs, a neglected child who becomes a killer. Abandoned by his father, abused by his mother, Carlton creates a fantasy world inside his head. Who is the real Carlton Tubbs? Who is the illusion? And who is the mysterious man named “Smith”?

“If serial killers make you squirm, you must meet a man named Smith...” - Website fan post

“Fans of the genre will really enjoy this one.” - Amazon Reviewer

“This one’s dark, kids. Leave the lights on…” - Website fan post

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